"The Gr8tr Good of GOD"

Co-founded and established Powers Ink'D alongside J.P. Also holds the capacity of Operations Director and Recruitment Manager. Experienced Business centric, Owner and Philanthropist of MJSNetworks Acquisitions majority Owner and Investor of The PowersInk'D Brand(R) including: Tattoos, Music. Majority Stakeholder of multiple other businesses and start-ups.

With a strong history and education in business management, has had his hands in several companies over a 9 years span from start-ups to corporations operations departments. Holds connections and ties in the tattoo business industry, from California, Arizona, Miami and Las Vegas. Sprea Paola, the owner and artist of Art and Soul Tattoo, David P, the founder and artist of Underground Tattoo shop to name a few. All of which he has helped open by means of implementing an operations plan, staffing and securing or maintaining proper licensing/documentation. Avid participate and sponsor of a host of tattoo conventions. A long standing member of the LA convention.